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Artist Statement


I study and am strongly influenced by the natural world and preservation of the environment. Inspired by the rawness and undeniable realness of nature, color relationships, the physical connection between artist and canvas, and the tactile properties of material, I design work through painting and installation, that creates a story combining philosophies, perceived illusion, color, and juxtaposition of elements. As my work has evolved, what began as a design principle and a simple love of nature, has developed into a relationship between two polarizing parts that parallel our society. The work revolves around authenticity and creating consciousness in life as a means to live the most truthful, real and connected life as possible. I am concerned with how we understand our environments, situations and experiences, and then, the decisions we make based on those observations. 


Both abstract and realistic components are featured to expose the challenges we see in life and are working to understand.  The work compares to the illusions and realities we experience as we navigate our daily happenings.  The contrast of reality vs. illusion speaks to the pieces of our lives we understand as true and the reality we live by. The challenge is to know where the ruse is in life, how to identify it and not let him in for tea. They are parallel ideas that become a dual quest to truth as they transcend art into life and back again. 


Much like a scientist, it is my job as an artist, to observe, wonder and record. To then present my findings in a way that allows viewers to have a deep enough experience in order to ask the same questions, feel my feelings and ponder my thoughts. I am interested in the connective energy people feel when experiencing art. It is in the art experience, where the questions arise, viewers have a profound moment where the art becomes apart of them, and they become apart of the art.  Neither can exist without the other and upon meeting again, euphoria descends much like meeting up with an old friend. 

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